Altra Industrial Motion

The Company

Altra Industrial Motion has grown to almost $1 billion through acquisition, now consisting of more than 25 gear, clutch and brake plants in North America, Europe and Asia.  Altra’s CEO and CFO determined that a consistent set of organizational roles, processes and tools in supply management would generate significant value to the business and its shareholders.  Altra engaged ISM Services to conduct a diagnostic of organizational and staff competency gaps and to design workshop-oriented training and implementation in order to achieve tangible bottom-line benefits.

The Solution

ISM Services conducted the ISM Mastery Model® competency survey along with spend and organizational analyses to develop a roadmap to driving significant ROI. Over 18 months, ISM Services led a series of 5-day strategic supply management workshops in locations in the US, Europe and China; delivered 2-day operational supply management training to plant management, engineering and product management; and, completed an in-depth supply management playbook on best practices, tools and techniques that Altra uses to continually improve supplier performance as well as cross-functional collaboration.

The Results

Action plans emanating from the workshops are already producing incremental savings.  Altra is well on its way in achieving its savings goal of $7 million.  John Pollock, Altra Corporate Procurement states, “A major goal for Altra in the last year addressed the professionalization and competencies within the supply management organization.  ISM Services played a key role in designing and delivering the training and support for that initiative.  We couldn’t have done it without them.”