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Mastery Model Overview

The ISM Mastery Model® enables you to assess competencies critical for supply management professionals and use a customized combination of education, training and certification to close any proficiency gaps.

ISM Services applies the ISM Mastery Model framework to your team or organization, setting target skill levels by job role and revealing specific areas of focus.  From basic skills to mastery level, the diagnostic results highlight areas of greatest opportunity for competency improvements as well as individual career growth.


This level is ideal for front line support professionals or those new to the industry.


If you have solid proficiency, you need to perform higher level transactions and duties.


As a manager or process driver, you need to develop and define strategies to increase efficiency and profitability.


As an executive leader and champion, you need a high level of business intelligence to make the best decisions.

Whether you are a C-level executive running an organization or a manager who is building talent management plans for a team, the ISM Mastery Model will provide a training roadmap to efficiently and effectively close any competency gaps and maximize performance.

Mastery Model Survey

ISM Services measures team and individual ability through industry-leading ISM Mastery Model assessment tools.

The exclusive, web-based ISM Mastery Model Self-Assessment Tool measures essential supply management skills across 16 core competencies and 73 sub-competencies and provides a personalized report identifying strengths as well as skills gaps to address.



ISM Services drives results. It provides hard data on the procurement performance of your company compared to others in the industry and will work with you to identify training programs targeted at improving the developmental areas highlighted in these reports.

In partnership with CAPS Research, a program jointly sponsored by Arizona State University and ISM®, ISM Services will provide your company with benchmark data against best practices in procurement and supply chain management.

ISM Research & Analytics can also provide access to thousands of companies to run custom surveys on topics such as supplier development best practices, supplier relationship management and procurement metrics in use.



The ROSMA Performance Check (Return on Supply Management Assets) is a performance benchmarking service that assesses your procurement performance, compares it to the industry, and highlights improvement opportunities. It is offered by ISM along with CIPS (Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply) and A.T. Kearney.

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